An Update and the Future of Oddly Historical

Hello readers. You might have noticed that this site has been dormant for awhile. There has been a lot going on in my personal life, and blogging fell by the wayside for the last few months. However, yesterday I decided to start updating again, but the format will be a little different going forward. I’m going to be crunched for time starting next year, since I’ve decided to go to grad school. Between school and working full time, there isn’t going to be much free time for research or writing. So, odds are updates on this blog will be sporadic. I’ll try to update bimonthly, but we will see how it goes. As for content, it will be much the same, but the posts might be a little more concise. It just depends on what I have time for.

That all being said, it’s good to be back. Once you get the blogging itch, time away from it is nice but you also feel like you’re missing something. I’ve missed it, truth be told. So I hope you all will stick around. I’ll keep the weird history coming as often as I can!

5 thoughts on “An Update and the Future of Oddly Historical

  1. Christopher Ray

    Welcome back, and best wishes forward with your sojourn into grad school. I’d forgotten about the blog, and found yesterdays post so interesting. Thanks for your endeavors and sharing. I look forward to future posts even if they appear far and wide. Cheers…

  2. Joy Abbott

    Congratulations on your decision to go on to grad school. I enjoy your site very much and look forward to future entries, but school is more important, and I’m perfectly content to be patient while you continue your studies. Working fulltime while going to school is a heavy schedule, and one must also include SOME time here and there for a social life. Good luck!

    1. Andrew Kincaid Post author

      Thanks so much! Yeah it will be a lot, but worth it in the long run. I’ll try and post. Might work on a batch this weekend if I can find time.

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