Grad School Begins!

I wanted to update my loyal readers about what is going on in my personal life and what that means for this site. As you have likely noticed, and I said in a previous post, posts have been a little spotty in the last few months. One thing that surprises me about this is that the number of views has only gone down slightly even though the site is not being updated regularly. Even so, I’m trying to keep the wheel turning by posting every other week, give or take, and I have some other ideas for future directions I’d like to take this blog. This includes potentially starting a Facebook page, writing a line of ebooks, and even an Oddly Historical YouTube channel.

Those ideas are, for now, just that: ideas. But I wanted you guys to know I am still thinking about my regular readers and how I can make this site better for you guys. I really enjoy sharing weird history, but real life tends to intervene a lot when it comes to hobbies such as this. Which brings use to the whole point of this little blurb. Apologies for burying the lede here, but it’s not an “actual” article so hey, whatever. I am starting grad school in two days. Actually, I’ve already started: I completed two out of four modules for the first lesson. I am attending school online for a Masters of Public Health, all while working full time. So, I am going to be really busy for the next couple of years, and then probably really busy looking for a job after completing my degree.

Even so, I will still try to update this blog on a semi-regular basis. Some of the articles might be shorter than they have in the past, and I’m toying with some ideas of posts devoted to strange pictures from the past with some blurbs explaining what is going on. Just a simpler way to get some content out to you guys. Or maybe some bizarre artwork from the past. Perhaps more personal updates, and off the cuff, personal opinion posts about stuff I’ve written about in the past. We will see! If you have any ideas for content you’d like to see, let me know in the comments. I always enjoy hearing from you guys!

4 thoughts on “Grad School Begins!

  1. Lana

    Congratulations and good luck! I really enjoy the articles, but I totally understand real life responsibilities. If there is any way I can help please let me know. My friend and I actually do some edit/proofreading for fun and we would be thrilled to help you out (no charge, we actually do this for fun.)

    1. Andrew Kincaid Post author

      I appreciate it! I’ll keep that in mind. If you or your friend want to try your hand at writing as well, let me know. I’ve only had one guest writer so far (my brother,) but I’ve considered having others. I’d have to work out a policy (sounds fancy I know, been reading about policy and such all week, haha) for how to go about it.

      1. Lana

        Thank you so much for the offer. I will definitely talk to her about it. I totally get the policy thing…I do that every day lol

        1. Andrew Kincaid Post author

          I’m still new at all of it. Have to write policy occasionally at my current job, but haven’t had to actually write anything like that for school yet.

          As for the blog, since you’ve read it you know what I write so you know the kind of stuff I’d want. I’m pretty laid back about things, generally, but here’s a few things off the top of my head for my “guest post policy.” I reserve the right to turn down anything I don’t like or feel fits my theme, and I’d like to have final say over the editing (of course, I’d try to preserve your unique voice.).

          If you were to include pictures, make sure they’re properly cited using the relevant licensing, unless they’re public domain. Or just leave the pictures to me if you’re not sure of all of that. Include links to reputable sources (news agencies, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc) below the article, as you see me do in my posts.

          I’ll put all of that in a more coherent list when it’s not 1am and I’m a little more awake, haha. But you get the gist, I hope.

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