Guest Post Requirements

Due to my busy schedule, I am now looking for writers willing to do guest posts. The following are my requirements:

–Posts must be at least 500 words. If a post is above 2000 words, consider breaking it up over two separate posts if possible.

–Good grammar and spelling are a must. I resolve the right to proofread/edit posts before allowing them to go live.  I will preserve your voice as best I can in doing this.

–Generally mirror the format and tone of the blog. Articles must be written in the third person, divided into about three sections, and include at least three sources. I will make some exceptions to the third person rule; for example, if you have visited a strange historical site and want to recount your experience, I would consider it.

–A note on sources. Wikipedia, wikis, and personal blogs are, for the most part, not acceptable sources. Newspapers, journal articles, articles from news sites, government sources, university sources, museum web pages, books, and the like. If you do include Wikipedia as a source, include more reputable sources as well. Include sources at the end of the article, either done as an APA citation or you can just paste the links if you prefer.

–You may include a short author bio at the end of your article with links to your own blog, social media, etc.

–Articles must be on factual topics. I don’t accept articles on supernatural events, unverified conspiracy theories, alien life, etc.  Look through the blog to see the type of articles we do here. If you aren’t sure, send your idea to the address at the bottom and I’ll let you know if it works.

Articles can either be pasted into the body of an email, or as an attached Word document.

Submit articles to: