About Oddly Historical:

History is a subject with a bad reputation for being mind-numbingly boring. Who doesn’t remember suffering through high school history class: the dates, the dry facts, the lectures that gave a glimpse of just how long eternity really is? Most people graduate from the school system with a handful of dates and random factoids memorized, but little else. And that’s a shame, because history is so vibrant and fascinating, so chock full of wonderful, interesting, and just plain odd happenings that a person can’t help but get hooked. From the merely odd to the downright macabre and everywhere in between, Oddly Historical is a site devoted to unearthing these gems of weirdness from the dust bin of history and displaying them for all to see.

About the Author:

Andrew Kincaid is a writer and a history buff. He has been enamored with history for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he would often go to the library, check out huge stacks of books, and spend hours delving into the dusty past. Now he writes about the more colorful aspects of history on his blog, Oddly Historical.

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